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If you have been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, wheat allergy, or choose to eat gluten-free foods, you have come to a place where you can learn how to blissfully live gluten free!

It can seem challenging or overwhelming to meander a gluten-free life. I can help! This site contains information on living gluten free, links to some delicious gluten-free recipes, and other helpful information. I also provide health coaching.

Living Gluten Free

When eating gluten free due to a diagnosis or eating gluten free foods for other reasons, it may be challenging to find foods that are truly gluten free. What is gluten and how can you find gluten-free foods? (click here)

Gluten Free Baking Basics

Baking delicious gluten-free breads (yeast and non yeast), baked goods, and desserts may seem challenging, but there are many wonderful gluten-free recipes available online. What are gluten-free flour and flour blends? How do I learn about gluten-free baking? See my Gluten-Free Baked Goods (non-yeast) Basics page here: click here. For my Gluten-Free Yeast Baking Basics page, click here. You can find some great gluten-free recipes on my recipe page.

Health Coaching

I am health coach who helps people with the challenges of eating and living gluten free so they can live life full of joy and well being. I help them master living gluten-free and supporting them to overcome challenges so they can eat and live without worry. Do you want to learn to live gluten free and celebrate your new found well-being? See my health coaching page to schedule a free discovery session.

Testimony: Betty from a Tips on Living and Baking Gluten Free seminar stated: “Entire seminar was extremely thorough and well prepared. Very informative.